What People Are Saying

“I’ve worked with several freelance editors over the years. Tammy Salyer impressed me not only with her reasonable prices and thorough work, but with her quick replies and rapid turnaround. She was flexible enough to work with an irregular-length piece, and managed to beat a very tight deadline. She’s definitely one of the first I’ll go to whenever I'm looking for some editorial advice. Thanks, Tammy!”
~ Joseph R. Lallo, Big Sigma Series, Free-Wrench Series, Book of Deacon Series

“Tammy excels at evaluating material on the basis of the writer’s aspirations and creative sensibilities, not her own. She comes to the world the writer envisions, she doesn't try to pull the work to her own preferences. She’s productively straightforward in her comments—always building, never cutting down. Great instincts and a strong working knowledge of character, narrative, genre and tone all make her what a great editor should be: an invaluable part of the process toward reaching the full potential of a piece of writing.”
~ Kevin Bliss, The Attachment Race, The Haver Problem, and more

“Tammy is highly professional and an absolute delight to work with. She clearly has a love for the written word and the genre. She returned my manuscript to me by the agreed deadline, and I was absolutely thrilled with the results—she did what an editor’s supposed to do: make me sound more awesome than I am. I immediately hired her to edit a re-release of my previous book, and I’ll be using her again in the future.”
~ K. Scott Lewis, The Ahmbren Chronicles and short stories

“I am very pleased with Tammy Salyer’s work and the attention she gives to even the smallest of continuity errors. She kept me updated of her process and asked questions where needed. I look forward to working with Tammy again.”
~ Jeanne Marcella, Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs and The Phoenix Embryo

“I did quite a bit of research before I chose an editor for my second novel. Based on her qualifications, her portfolio of clients, and her own novels, I felt like she would be the perfect fit for me. Tammy did not disappoint. Not only were her copyediting and line editing beyond reproach, she found several narrative inconsistencies in what I felt was a very tight story. Thanks to her attention to detail and hard work, I was able to make it even better.

I could tell that she really cared about the work that she put into my novel. It definitely showed in the feedback I received. Her insights into the story and the characters themselves went far beyond anything I could have hoped for. I will most certainly be contacting her again, when my next novel is ready.”
~ Joseph John, Democracy Inc., An American Tragedy

“When I first started looking for an editor, I wanted someone with a proven track record of editing and someone who could do a good job. Not only that, I wanted someone who could edit my genre and actually like it too. Eventually, I decided on Tammy Salyer of Inspired Ink Editing to copyedit The Blood Moon. Not only did she have over 12 years of editing experience, but she worked in science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, and magical realism—all genres I could see myself writing in someday, including urban fantasy, which is what The Blood Moon is.

Working with Tammy couldn’t have been easier. She was very flexible and gave me a sample edit before agreeing to edit my book. I was lucky enough that she started my project almost a week early and so delivered the project a week early. She emailed me throughout the process, asking style questions and giving me updates, and was quick in responding to follow-up questions I had once I started applying the suggested edits.

My experience with Tammy was very positive and I look forward to working with her on future projects. Not only is she an excellent editor, she’s a successful author as well with several books and short stories under her belt.”
~ David Neth, Under The Moon Series

“I chose Tammy specifically for her combination of professionalism and easy warmth. She does what she says she’s going to do, and I was never left waiting. The very way she presented and organized her initial feedback let me trust her skill to balance the big picture with the small details. She’s also very skilled at combining encouraging feedback with constructive criticism, this coming in handy for newer writers who need all the encouragement we can get! I find that, even after our direct contact has concluded, she remains a helpful “voice in my head” that's making me a better writer. Tammy is a wonderful educator, considerate of her clients, and I plan to enjoy the pleasure of working with her again.”
~ Jennifer Daigle, The Map Artist

“I solved my Apple/iBooks formatting and loading issue by going to a professional...the same person who did the editing for my Atopia novel—Tammy Salyer. If anyone is looking for a great copy/line editor, Tammy is awesome! And she writes her own great sci-fi, too.”
~ Matthew Mather, The Atopia Chronicles

“I approached Tammy to edit my genre novel, and from our first contact, she was responsive and friendly. Now that we have completed a large project together, my assessment is that she is a gifted editor who charges modest fees for excellent work. Her manuscript evaluation of my novel helped me strengthen the characters, fix plot holes, organize scenes to better build conflict and tension, accelerate pacing, and generally sharpen my story. 

After my rewrite, her line by line copyedit recast sentences into active voice; improved word selection and tone; and fixed sentence structure and grammatical errors. She offered suggestions to give characters more depth, identified subtle inconsistencies, and reworded many paragraphs so they read the way I wished I had written them in the first place. The book is so much better for her efforts, and I am grateful. I will use her services in the future and recommend her to others without reservation. Thanks, Tammy!”
~ Doug Cooper, The Crystal Series

“Thanks for a truly excellent job on all the work you put into my manuscript. Your suggestions and recommendations were spot on. Key scenes became more polished; I was able to better define characters; the consistency and congruency of longer plot lines improved, and your copyediting was flawless.”
~ Nathan McGrath, Lightning Seed

“I never thought I’d be happy to see so much red. Like a ninja, Tammy carved through the clutter, ravaged the redundancies, pulverized the punctuation, sliced through the style issues, and made my prose pop. She’s not just an editor but a fighter. She worked hard for me—before, during, and after she punched the clock. I have no problem giving money to someone who so thoroughly gives a shit about both my novel and my fledgling writing career, and I will definitely rehire her for all future endeavors.”
~ Peter Samet, Zero Echo Shadow Prime

“I’d seen the quality of Tammy’s work from her own novels (which rock by the way) and had a sense of her professionalism and outgoing nature from her blog and the odd tweet we’d exchanged, so approaching her for a manuscript evaluation was a no-brainer. I knew my book needed work and I was hopeful I would gain insight that would allow me to develop it ‘potential’ to ‘suitable for readers other than my Dad’. Simply put, Tammy blew my expectations out of the water. The volume and quality of what she identified, pointed out and recommended has allowed me to hit the next draft at a dead sprint. What really impressed me was the level of examples she used to drive home certain points in a useful and constructive way. Personally I struggle with theory, so the practical aspect of her feedback really worked for me. All through the experience Tammy has been open and engaging, allowing me to feel completely at ease with the decision I’ve made in seeking help. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am, not just for the delivery of her review, but her whole approach and outlook. My hope is that Tammy will play a part in the rest of my series, as I know they will be far better books as a result.”
~ Colin Mobey, Memories Stirred

“Thanks again for the critique! I can't believe you read the whole book, wrote a detailed 8 page evaluation, and made all those notes in just four days! You pointed out exactly the kinds of things I needed to see, and your suggestions were incredibly insightful.”
~ Erin McDowell, Dark Luminance

“I want to thank you so much for your thoughtfulness in all. I think you did an outstanding job of pointing out possibilities that I would never have considered. I am extremely pleased with your work and your help!”
~ Molly Greene, Paint Me Gone and Blog It! The author’s guide to building a successful online brand

“Your feedback is thorough, clearly articulated, insightful, thought-provoking, and inspiring! This is just what I was hoping for!… I think my favorite thing about your analysis is that you mostly hit on things in my various blind spots. I couldn’t ask for more. And that is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping you would find! It’s difficult to articulate just how excited I am about how much better I can make the novel based on your feedback.… You are an excellent editor!… As you might imagine, the first thing I did was re-read all the nice things you had to say.”
~ Finn Mack, Qubit

“It was a great experience and I look forward to future projects with Tammy. She was prompt, courteous, responsive and responsible. I would fully recommend her work to other authors.” 
~ Traci Slatton, Broken and The Love of My (Other) Life

“I already knew Tammy was a talented author when I hired her to proofread and copyedit my most recent novel. I’m even more impressed now. Her sharp eye and focused attention to detail helped me produce a quality manuscript. She’s also a real pleasure to work with. 

Examples: One of the main characters in my book is a musician. Tammy went the extra mile to suggest ways for me to represent classical music terms like opus numbers and key signatures in a fictional context. She also did a lot of fact checking that was helpful, particularly since my book is set in the mid-nineteenth century. Her suggestion that I look at an etymology website to ensure a few of the words I was using were actually “in use” during the mid-1800’s saved me from making some embarrassing gaffes. Who knew that the word “hangover" didn't exist at that time? 

Tammy is an experienced author and editor that I look forward to working with again on future projects.”
~ Patrick Rooney, The Angel of Innisfree

“Just wanted to say what an amazing job you have done! I am so impressed by your precision and attention to detail, but also by your insight on the narrative and the questions you have raised. You said some very encouraging things, too, which made my day!”
~ Tom Gold, Wilderness of Sinners

“Tammy is exactly the editor I needed for this project. I could tell that something was off in my fantasy draft, but I couldn’t figure out what needed to be changed. Tammy pinpointed my weakest areas and provided much-needed direction for improvement. I definitely recommend her services for anyone writing fiction and struggling with how exactly to strengthen their story.”
~ Wendelyn Vega, Kulebra

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