Projects and Clients:

An ever-growing list of projects I’ve had the joy and privilege of being part of.

Allen, C. A., The Ruined World, in submission.

Antonio, J. A., The EXXtinction, 2017. 

Bliss, Kevin. “False Witness,” 2014.

Bliss, Kevin. “The Attachment Race,” 2016.

Bliss, Kevin. “16 Hours, 27 Minutes,” 2017.

Bliss, Kevin. The Haver Problem, in devel.

Bliss, Kevin. “Words for Sale,” in devel.

Bourke, Martha. Jaguar Moon, 2012.

Bourke, Martha. Revelations, 2012.

Callahan, Coreene. Fury of Desire (Dragonfury Series #4), 2013.

Carey, Ella. The Paris Time Capsule, 2015.

Camacho, J. D. Magic/Blade: Notes from an Arena Onlooker (Areniana Book 1), 2015.

Camacho, J. D. Sport/Sorcery: Arena Reports (Areniana Book 2), 2015.

Christie, Luella. Fool’s Fairy Tale, in devel.

Christie, Luella. Potted Plots, in devel.

Cooper, Doug J. Crystal Deception, 2013.

Cooper, Doug J. Crystal Conquest, 2014.

Cooper, Doug J. Crystal Horizon, 2015.

Cooper, Doug J. Crystal Rebellion, 2016.

Daigle, Jennifer. The Map Artist, in submission.

Evans, Jennifer. Lethally Wedded, in devel.

Farlow, Michael. Future Discovered, Van Childs series Book 1, 2017.

Farlow, Michael. Immortal Guardian, Van Childs series Book 2, 2017.

Farlow, Michael. Search for Help, Van Childs series Book 3, in devel.

Fox, Richard. The Queen of Sidonia, 2016.

Gold, Tom. A Wilderness of Sinners, revised 2014.

Greene, Molly. Blog It! The author's guide to building a successful online brand, 2013.

Greene, Molly. Paint Me Gone, 2014.

Hadden, Liv. Crossfade, in submission.

Hyde, Catherine Ryan. Take Me With You, 2014.

Ibrahim, Laila. Yellow Crocus, re-release, 2014.

John, Joseph. Democracy, Inc., 2017.

Johnson, Daniel D. A School Custodian's Dilemma: Trial By Water and Other Unusual Events, 2013.

Katson, Moira. Saira & the Dragon’s Egg, 8-part serial novel, 2015.

Kazerooni, Abbas. On Two Feet and Wings, re-release, 2014.

Kovacic, Danielle. Metal Angels, in devel.

Ladd, Derek. The Reaper Trinity series, in devel.

Lall, Avi. Noir is Dead, in submission.

Lallo, Joseph R. Artificial Evolution, 2014.

Lallo, Joseph R. Free-Wrench, 2014.

Lallo, Joseph R. The Other Eight, 2014.

Lallo, Joseph R. “The Stump and the Spire.” Found in Neverland’s Library: Fantasy Anthology, 2014.

Lallo, Joseph R. Skykeep, 2015.

Lallo, Joseph R. The D’Karon Apprentice, 2015.

Lallo, Joseph R. Between, 2016.

Lallo, Joseph R. Ichor Well, 2016.

Lallo, Joseph R. Temporal Contingency, 2016.

Lallo, Joseph R. The Pizza Dragon, 2017.

Lallo, Joseph R. Rogue Derelict. Part of Lindsay Burokers Fallen Empire Series, 2017.

Lallo, Joseph R. The Crescents, in devel.

Lehtolainen, Leena. The Lion of Justice, 2015.

Le Noir, Verge. Black Pills & Red Bullets: Ten Stories, 2013.

Le Noir, Verge. Shell Casings, 2014.

Le Noir, Verge. Desperados, 2016.

Lewis, K. Scott. Lightfall. When Dragons Die: Volume 1, 2013.

Lewis, K. Scott. Covenant. When Dragons Die: Volume 2, 2013.

Lewis, K. Scott. The Tides of Artalon. When Dragons Die: Volume 3, 2013.

Lewis, K. Scott.  “Complete Me,” 2014.

Lewis, K. Scott. Myth and Incarnation, 2014.

Lewis, K. Scott. “The Fisherman’s Daughter,” 2014.

Lewis, K. Scott. Through Rose-Colored Goggles, 2016.

Lindquist, Mark. Wardens of the World, in devel.

Loos, Barbara. The Stolen Heart, in devel.

Marcella, Jeanne. Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs, 2013.

Marcella, Jeanne. The Phoenix Embryo, 1st Ed. 2013.

Mather, Matthew. The Atopia Chronicles, 2013.

McDonough, Craig A. Pestilence, 2016.

McDowell, E. M. Dark Luminance, 2013.

McGrath, Nathan. Lightning Seed. Cloud Chronicles: Volume 2, 2013.

Mobey, Colin. Memories Stirred: The Advent Rebellion, Book 1, 2014.

Neligh, Ian. The Hollow Tree, 2014.

Neth, David. The Blood Moon, 2015.

Neth, David. The Full Moon, 2016.

Neth, David. “Blaze,” 2016.

Neth, David. The Harvest Moon, 2016.

Neth, David. “Timeout,” 2016.

O’Reilly, Ryan S. Overtime in the Woods, 2013.

O’Reilly, Ryan S. The One Who Turned Them On, 2013.

O’Reilly, Ryan S. Mildred, 2014.

Ottalini, Daniel. Roma Aeronautica, 2013.

Piety, Ben. The Land Old, Untouched, 2018.

Pollard, Ashley. Bad Dog, 2017.

Pollard, Ashley. Strike Dog, 2018.

Pratt, Tim. Heirs of Grace, re-release 2014.

Rooney, Patrick. The Angel of Innisfree, 2015.

Sáenz, Eva García. The Immortal Collection: A Saga of the Ancient Family, 2014.

Samet, Peter. Zero Echo Shadow Prime, 2014.

Shoenberger, Susan. A Watershed Year, 2013.

Slatton, Traci L. The Love of My (Other) Life, 2013.

Slatton, Traci L. Broken, 2014.

Thumar, Jay. “Ashatai,” in devel.

Thumar, Jay. “Rice Pilaf,” in devel.

Thumar, Jay. “Shondesh,” in devel.

Thumar, Jay. “The Goddess of Mumbai Train,” in devel.

Tyler, Don. “How She Got Her Name,” in devel.

Tyler, Don. The Fifth Circle, in submission.

Valeur, Erik. The Seventh Child, 2014.

Wright, David W. and Platt, Sean. Z 2135, 2013.

Wright, Chris. Mr. Lore, 2017.

Yoder, Dan. Qubit, 2013.

Zachary, Scott. “The Least of These,” 2013.

Zen, Raeden. The Phantom of the Earth, 5-part series, 2015.

Assorted other clients and projects include Girl Friday Productions, Kobold Press, Deranged Doctor Designs, and a number of works in progress, along with a variety of websites, grant proposals, research publications, and business-related materials.